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The popularity of the dog as a companion, as a guardian of property,
as an assistant in the pursuit of game, and as the object of a
pleasurable hobby, has never been so great as it is at the present
time. More dogs are kept in this country than ever there formerly
were, and they are more skilfully bred, more tenderly treated, and
cared for with a more solicitous pride than was the case a generation
ago. There are fewer mongrels in our midst, and the family dog has
become a respectable member of society. Two million dog licences were
taken out in the British Isles in the course of 1909. In that year,
too, as many as 906 separate dog shows were sanctioned by the Kennel
Club and held in various parts of the United Kingdom. At the present
time there exist no fewer than 156 specialist clubs established for
the purpose of watching over the interests of the different breeds.
In the following chapters the varieties of the dog are classified
in the order of (1) Non-Sporting and Utility breeds, (2) Hounds,
Gundogs and other Sporting breeds, (3) the Terriers, (4) Toy and
Miniature breeds.

1. General History of the Dog
2. The English Mastiff
3. The Bulldog
4. The St. Bernard
5. The Newfoundland
6. The Great Dane
7. The Dalmatian
8. The Collie
9. The Old English Sheepdog
10. The Chow Chow
11. The Poodle
12. The Schipperke
13. The Bloodhound
14. The Otterhound
15. The Irish Wolfhound
16. The Deerhound
17. The Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound
18. The Greyhound
19. The Whippet
20. The Foxhound
21. The Harrier and the Beagle
22. The Pointer
23. The Setters
24. The Retrievers
25. The Sporting Spaniel
26. The Basset-Hound
27. The Dachshund
28. The Old Working Terrier
29. The White English Terrier
30. The Black and Tan Terrier
31. The Bull-Terrier
32. The Smooth Fox-Terrier
33. The Wire-Hair Fox-Terrier
34. The Airedale Terrier
35. The Bedlington Terrier
36. The Irish Terrier
37. The Welsh Terrier
38. The Scottish Terrier
39. The West Highland White Terrier
40. The Dandie Dinmont
41. The Skye and Clydesdale Terriers
42. The Yorkshire Terrier
43. The Miniature Schnauzer
44. The King Charles Spaniels
45. The Pekinese and Japanese
46. The Maltese Dog and the Pug
47. The Brussels Griffon
48. The Briard
49. The Cavachon
50. The Dog and the Law