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 What is Mobile Pet Grooming?

It is professional grooming self-contained service in a custom built van that arrives at your door to take care of your pet's grooming needs.  Mobile pet grooming is preferred by many of today's busy pet owners. The convenience for you and the exclusive attention for your pet make it desirable to use a mobile dog grooming service. Our mobile salon is completely equipped to afford you the utmost in service. The van plugs into your mains supply and furnishes electricity to the dryer, table, clippers, A/C, vacuum, lights and more! A hot water heater ensures the perfect bath temperature and a therapeutic bathing system cleans and soothes your pet.

  Dial A Dog Wash and Grooming Preston Lancashire

Why a Mobile Pet Groomer?

 • Door-to-door Service - Dial A Dog Wash Preston custom designed van comes conveniently to your door!

• Convenience - You can stay home, no more driving in unpredictable traffic with an anxious pet in the car.

• Less Hassle - No more rearranging your whole day around dropping off AND picking up your pet.

• Professionalism - Your dog is given the groomer's undivided time and attention.

• Less Stress - More familiar, quiet setting reduces stress for your pet, especially for those with separation anxieties.

• Cleanliness - Your pet is the only animal in the salon at the time, so contamination from other animals, disease, insects and parasites.

• No Car Sickness - No more car-sick pets and mess on the way to (and from) the salon.

• Safety - No crates or crate-drying.

• Flexibility - Day, evening, and weekend appointments available. We work with your schedule.

• Quicker Service -Your pet is groomed from start to finish at the time of your appointment, usually in one hour to an hour and a half!

Please call 07760 996 246 to book your appointment now.

What is a Hydrobath?

The hydrobath is designed to clean your dog the way hand washing just can't - it's certainly tidier and much more convenient.

The high strength fibreglass hydrobath tub is suitable for all sizes and breeds from Maltese Terriers to Great Danes and there is no mess to clean up after bath time or dogs running away from the hose or bucket - the hydrobath keeps both dog and water suitably contained.

With an inbuilt heating system it can supply cold or hot water, depending on the season and the requirements of each individual dog.


The spray head produces a unique hydro-combing action that massages and stimulates the skin, so not only is it the most effective way of washing your dog but also provides a therapeutic water massage. This helps with blood circulation, relieves tired muscles and has been found to be beneficial for arthritis sufferers and older dogs. Water penetrates the coat getting right to the skin removing dry dead skin cells, embedded flea eggs and other materials that can be hidden and hard to get rid of, especially for dogs with longer and thicker coats.

Another excellent advantage is that certain treatment solutions for skin conditions or flea prevention can be added to the water during the hydrobath. This ensures that maximum benefit is obtained from any treatment as the water spray not only gets deeply into the fur but also reaches the skin which is most important for any type of treatment.

Your groomer can advise you on any treatment solutions she feels will benefit your dog if necessary, and regular hydrobaths with the correct treatment can clear up skin problems, fleas, mites and other disorders which annoy your pet. Plus your dog will stay looking great and smelling fresh.
When we hydrobath your dog we just need access to a tap and a power point. Your dirty pooch will be back to their clean, loveable, cuddly selves in no time. If you have more than one dog, or there are two or more dogs at the same address (regardless whether you own them all or not) discounts will apply. Visit our Appointment page or ring us for more information.

Please call 07760 996 246 to book your appointment now.

 Do you Groom Cats?Dial A Dog Wash and Grooming Service Preston Lancashire

No, we only groom dogs.


 Do you Groom Rabbits?

No, we only groom dogs.

Do you need to use my electricity or hose?

We only need electricity and have a special extension cable to plug into your mains supply. The van has a separate 80 litre tank which holds our fresh water reservoir.

What type of Clippers does a Dial A Dog Wash Groomer use?

The Double K POWER CLIPPER is superior to any other clipper and cuts grooming time in half! The Double K POWER CLIPPER cuts easily through thick, matted, dirty or wet hair while operating very quietly -- in virtual silence at low speeds! Reduces risk of laceration due to ineffective clipper. With five times the power of conventional clippers, the 1/8 horsepower the POWER CLIPPER cuts faster and smoother than any other clipper. By far, the best clipper for those matted animals that need a total clip-down.

The variable speed control offers speed adjustments from 100 to 4500 RPMs. With 9000 blade "strokes per minute" and the greatest range of blade motion in its class, the Power Clipper is unsurpassed in fine clipping capability. It's unique cable drive system transfers power from the motor to the handpiece allowing the handpiece itself to remain cool during clipping. The Double K POWER CLIPPER handpiece is impact resistant and accepts all "snap on" style blades.

The clipper speed may be turned down to work around delicate areas in essential silence. This is a very important feature when working with young or inexperienced animals.


How long does the grooming take?

Typically an average grooming seesion takes one and a half hours. Times are dependent on the size of the pet, coat condition, hair length, etc. (very hairy and/or large dogs may understandably take longer)

Is warm water used?

Yes, the hydrobath pumps heated fresh water from a separate reservoir for each dog.


Can you help reduce shedding? - For more details click here

Yes!  Whether your dog is being clipped or just washed ask about reducing shredding. Your groomer will use a specialist tool, which if used every 4-6weeks reduces shedding by 60%-80%.  It removes the pet's undercoat(that is what sheds)  and leaves the pet's coat looking normal, not like a shavedown. It creates fabulous results!

Please call 07760 996 246 to book your appointment now.

Can I watch while my pet is being groomed?

Please note for insurance purposes owners are not allowed to enter the mobile grooming parlour

This will be determined by your groomer on the day.  Groomers would love to have you watch them, but often dogs become very excited having their owners present and just want to be with them. This is distracting to both the groomer and your pet .  Groomers use a variety sharp tools while styling and pets that move around on the grooming table are at an increased risk of being wrongly cut. Your pet wil settle much more quickly and enjoy the grooming process with minimal distractions.

  "DO NOT" be offended if your groomer informs you that you or your children cannot be in the van or standing outside the the door. It is only done for the safety of your beloved pet.

If you do HAVE to come to the van for something please remember to come over and knock quietly so as not to startle the pet or the groomer.  Doors opening or closing and voices unexpetedly, can excite animals’ at the most inopportune time. PLEASE never, ever open the door of the van while a pet is inside being groomed. This could result in an animal escaping and possibly being injured.


How often should my dog be groomed?

We recommend every 6 or 8 or 12 weeks weeks depending on the breed and activities of your dog. Most of our clients book anywhere from once a week to every 12 weeks.

But doesn't frequent bathing dry out the skin and coat?

 We use very mild, hypoallergenic and specialy formulated medicated canine shampoos and conditioners that are safe to be used once a week. In fact, most veterinarians recommend dogs be washed at least once a week with a medicated shampoo if they have skin or coat problems. Many of our customers are groomed and bathed as often as once a week... not only have we never had skin problems develop, we've eliminated a few pre-existing situations!

Can I have my pet washed in my own shampoo?

We'll be happy to use any  veterinarian prescribed shampoo to wash your dog.

How often should you groom your dog?


How often should you groom your dog?
Here are some guidelines.

Curly Coat Dogs have non-shedding, extremely waterproof coats. They need to be bathed and clipped every two months. (Kerry Blue Terriers, Portuguese Water Dogs, Poodles and Irish Water Spaniels.)
Short Coat Dogs have dense coats of profuse, downy, water resistant hair close to the skin, combined with thick, straight surface hair. This type of coat needs to be brushed with Canine shine at least twice a week. (Welsh Corgis and German Shepherds.)

Smooth Coat Dogs are the easiest to maintain, but shed and require weekly brushing and occasional washing. (Labs, Dobermans, Dachshunds). D-Limonene Shampoo helps relieve flea-bite dermatitis and other insect related skin problems. It's also excellent for oily coat breeds as well.

Wiry Coat Dogs have stiff, dense hair, which needs daily grooming to prevent matting. Conditioner on this type of coat will soften it and are not recommended. Ruff coat Shampoo is specially formulated for this kind of coat. Long Coat Dogs have a long, straight, coarse outer coat and a thick undercoat, which requires daily brushing and regular trimming. Canine Shine is an instant groomer and detangler for long coat dogs. It leaves the coat healthy and shiny. Silky Coat Dogs need a lot of care with daily grooming with Canine Shine and regular trimming. (Afghan hounds, Yorkshire Terriers, Rough Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs.) Conditioner Detangler release matting and tangles.


Please call 07760 996 246 to book your appointment now.

How long until I can get an appointment?

Dial A Dog Wash and Grooming Service Preston LancashireWe can usually book your appointment within two weeks. However there are times during the year such as leading up to Christmas which become very busy and it is recommended to schedule as far as six (6) or more weeks ahead  by giving us a call. The absolute best way you can avoid not being able to book an appointment is by joining our Preferred Customer Programme and booking your next appointment with Bryan at each grooming session or block booking  ahead with Bryan or Jo.



Why does mobile grooming cost more than a regular grooming salon?


Will the groomer advise me if my pet might have a health problem.

Yes. While we are not licensed veterinarians, groomers usually see a wide range of dogs several times a day,and may see your dog several time a year while your vet probably only sees him once in a while for shots. We also carefully inspect every inch of your pet during the bathing, drying, and styling process, and are more likely to notice problems that owners sometimes can't see. If a groomer mentions a potential health problem, they are only acting in the best interest of your pet's health. Common things we often notice are: dry skin and dandruff, rashes, sores, ingrown toenails, ear infections, fleas, ticks, impacted anal glands, urinary tract infections, fatty tumors, skin seborreah, warts or moles, seasonal and food allergies, severe weight fluxuations and teeth problems, to name a few! If your groomer mentions a potential illness, please call your vet... for your pet's sake, for your sake, and for ours.

How come you don't list specific prices on your website?

Our rates are posted as 'from' as a general guide because we like to get to know a bit about your pet during phone
conversation before a price is determine  for the service. The rates may differ from dog to dog because of breed, size, temperament and condition of the pet's coat as well as any pet style that's chosen for the cut. Your groomer will meet the agreed price and comfirm prices for future bookings once grooming has been provided and the service needed established

How come I sometimes get an answering machine when I call?

Please be patient when leaving a message.  We try to return phone calls as fast as I can.  Phone calls are returned Monday through Friday as soon as possible. Your groomer will not pick up the phone while grooming dogs because it can be unsafe for the dog .

Please call 07760 996 246 to book your appointment now.