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We have many wonderful and much appreciated comments from our valued customers, and we would just like to share a few of them with you here. 

Jean with Holly, a Heinz 52

"We are thrilled with the service and are so impressed we want to keep you for good now"

Cassie has a hyperactive syndrome, her owner has struggled with groomers not being able to handle her in the past, these are her comments;

After her grooming session with Bryan in the van, Cassie came back in to the house calm and her usual playful little self. I am absolutely thrilled to bits and will definately book again. I am so pleased to have found a solution to my grooming needs with Dial A Dogwash Preston.

Claire with Bruno

Bruno had not been groomed for some time.

Call to Jo from Claire

"Thankyou so much, Bruno looks fabulous. We are thrilled with the result, we are both really grateful for the time and effort Bryan put in to get Bruno looking this good."

 March 2010

Call to Jo from Sharon,

Buddy ( a Shih Tzu), has had a bad experience any time he has been groomed in the past, so was very long and needed lots of attention and TLC. When Sharon arrived home she couldn't believe how good Buddy looked and would recommend us to everyone. Her husband said that he had never seen him look as he did now, like a proper shitzhu! "Wow"

March 2010

Call to Jo from Dave,

Bryan did a spot on job with Jayde, I am really pleased and calling to book in again please

15 December 2009

Call to Jo from Sandra

Bryan has just done  a beautiful job with my Shih Tzu, Zante,  and I want to book his sister in for an appointment.

07 December 2009 Text to Dial A Dog Wash Preston:

(Robin was collected from his Mum, Nails trimmed, washed and conditioned, dried and clipped, then returned to his Grandma.  See Robin in the Gallery)

'Hi you've just done our Westie Robin at 4pm . I've just picked him up now from my parent's house and would just like to say what a brilliant job you've done with him. Rob is looking  rather pleased with himself. Many thanks for doing such a great job. Have a lovely Christmas and we'll see you again in the New Year. From Amanda.

Dial a Dog Wash preston dog grooming westie